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A single point of contact for all EOSC users who need help, support or have other requests by way of a ticketing system. It was designed to process inquiries from users and providers related to EOSC services, resources, projects.

Main features of the EOSC Helpdesk:

Why an EOSC Helpdesk?

Providers that already have a helpdesk could actually integrate their existing helpdesk within the EOSC Helpdesk, instead of having to create their own support schedules, licencing and configuring their own helpdesk solutions.

For the day to day, its ticket management system allowed for the tracking of inquiries related to EOSC services, resources, projects and general questions. In this way, the helpdesk served as direct, efficient communication channels between EOSC experts, but also allows users and providers to communicate about specific resources or services.

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