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Each of the Research Infrastructures working in the ENVRI FAIR Science Cluster gathers and manages a wealth of environmental data and model results. This information is spread across four subdomains, covering the Earth system in its full complexity:

Currently, ENVRI FAIR is trying to improve the FAIRness of the data. This will make sure policy, science, industry, and the public will be able to rely on these environmental data.

Keeping a close watch on environmental boundary conditions and informing society stakeholders of their short- and long-term developments is not only important for the environment but also crucial to the economy. That is why this project will develop a ‘dashboard’ with a set of easily understandable real-time indicators to inform both the broader public and policymakers on the state of the environment. The dashboard will be mounted as a front-end of the ENVRI-Hub, a virtual common platform for ENVRI-FAIR data and services that will be integrated into the EOSC platform. The dashboard will also serve as an input for the Climate-neutral Cities project.

This project seeks to: