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Partners: ICOS ERIC, SeaDataNet, Euro-Argo, EMSO ERIC, ACTRIS, IAGOS, eLTER

Project description

The Dashboard for the State of the Environment aims to make European environmental data accessible to a broad audience through user-oriented indicators displayed in an easy-to-approach interface.

The overarching goal of the project was to equip the broader public and policymakers with a user-friendly, customisable dashboard that visualises an extensible collection of indicators that describe the state of the environment in near real-time.

Technical challenge

The project set out to find a solution for displaying data of different natures and from multiple sources in a coherent and user-oriented interface. The developing teams created interchangeable and rearrangeable frames, each carrying its own customisation menu. When logged in, user preferences were saved for easier and faster access to the data.

The EOSC Future added value

Through EOSC Future, the Dashboard was developed using several EOSC services available through EOSC. Through EOSC Future’s integrated platform (EOSC core services), research infrastructures could further develop or improve their services, which were also onboarded to EOSC, so they could be available to all EOSC users.

The EOSC Future project sought to integrate the ENVRI-Hub, a common virtual interface for ENVRI-FAIR data and services integrated into EOSC, enabling users from a broader scope to easily access the displayed data. 

Main results

The Dashboard for the State of the Environment is a powerful tool that gathers a significant trove of European environmental data in one location. The simplicity of the interface lowers the threshold for non-specialists and citizen scientists to access the data. At the same time, higher-end technical possibilities offer additional options for more advanced users.

Other resources

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