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An effective European Open Science Cloud with a broad range of resources and services for the full lifecycle of research data can help break open disciplinary silos. It will help European researchers tackle pressing societal issues and complex scientific questions.

To showcase the impact joint open data research projects can have and how the EOSC can support them, we are working with the science clusters to launch ten science projects. These projects will demonstrate and drive the integration of research data and services across scientific domains. They will show the role the European Open Science Cloud can play in each stage of the research process. At the same time, these projects will allow us to finetune the EOSC by closely monitoring researchers’ real-life data needs and requirements for cross-domain and composability features.

The science projects will address four societal and scientific challenges.

Climate change and the environment


Understanding the universe

Access to data

The EOSC Future project is co-funded by the European Union Horizon Programme call INFRAEOSC-03-2020 - Grant Agreement Number 101017536

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