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85% of the universe consists of dark matter. Very little is known about its nature, but data from astrophysics, nuclear and particle physics research infrastructures, combined with theoretical models and interpretations, would help shed new light.

That is why this science project aims to promote further understanding of the nature of dark matter by performing new analyses within the research infrastructures involved. It will collect all the digital objects related to those analyses on a broad platform that will be ultimately hosted on the EOSC platform and will allow these analyses to be reproducible within the various collaboration and by the entire community wherever possible. The project will also look to exploit synergies and complementarities across different communities that have started from a bottom-up community survey. Finally, it will enhance the researchers’ participation in the EOSC to uptake the added value of open science and FAIRness of data, by providing through EOSC Future an open working environment for science.

The ESCAPE data infrastructure for open science in the European Open Science Cloud will be used to store, distribute, and provide data and software access to the broad dark matter scientific community. All the digital objects within these new analyses will be implemented within the ESCAPE service infrastructure and the platform developed by EOSC Future.