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Climate-neutral and Smart Cities” are integral part of the Horizon Europe framework programme. This project wants to contribute to this Horizon science mission by combining resources from two Science Clusters. As part of SSHOC consortium, ESS collects data related to political and social trust, health and health inequality, attitudes towards climate change and energy, understandings and evaluations of democracy and digital communication at work and with family, amongst many other topics related to the smart agenda. The purpose of this project is to facilitate the task of adding data on countries and regions to complement the ESS survey data.

To prepare the tool to function in the EOSC and to foster interdisciplinary research, ESS will upgrade this tool to complement ESS’s individual-level data with that relevant to other clusters such as health and environment and to wider EU priorities such as democracy and civil society as well as gender. SSHOC and ENVRI FAIR undertake a case study to demonstrate the interdisciplinary opportunities provided by this resource. It would be a crucial resource in the EOSC catalogue, promoting interoperability and connectivity between the science clusters, the Smart Cities marketplace and EOSC.