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The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is a community-driven international initiative facilitating the open sharing and re-use of research data. In partnership with the EOSC Future project, RDA launched a series of open calls aiming to raise awareness of EOSC assets and RDA standards and outputs across a diverse range of research communities. Leveraging RDA’s global connections, the project advocated for and supported FAIR principles and Open Science by engaging science and research communities beyond the EOSC Future consortium.

Around €1 million across 40 grants

With a substantial budget of almost €1 million, over 40 grants were awarded to projects through the RDA/EOSC Future open calls scheme to get a wide range of scientific communities involved with EOSC. Focused on early adoption, technical and domain solution development, and interoperability, the selected projects contributed to the advancement of research data tools, standards, and expertise within the EOSC framework. The grants also facilitated participation in events bridging the RDA and EOSC communities.

Below is a list of the results of the calls. Find out more about the selected projects: their objectives in the scope of EOSC Future and their results so far…

RDA/EOSC Future Open Call Results / Impact report

Discover RDA/EOSC Future projects & outputs

Here is a complete list of projects:

Types of outputs include:

Disciplinary Communities: The Future of EOSC Engagement Strategy

As an outcome of the RDA/EOSC Future open calls scheme, Domain Ambassadors were appointed to facilitate engagement. These experts provide valuable insights into data sharing, RDA adoption, dissemination efforts, and promotion of Open Science in their communities. The result is regular feedback and promotion of EOSC, making it relevant to new audiences through onboarded resources and providers.

A total of 14 Domain Ambassadors were selected. They helped to bridge disciplinary community needs and awareness of EOSC with domain insights, ultimately supporting communities in engaging with Open Science practices.

During the project, we had the opportunity to hear first-hand from the RDA Domain Ambassadors about their experiences and insights in ‘Domain Ambassador Spotlights‘.

Within and across disciplines, the RDA/EOSC Future open calls programme supported exchanges. Get insights on RDA/ESC Future Cross-disciplinary Outputs in the EOSC Environment: Third Bulletin (below).

RDA/EOSC Future grantees: In the news & on camera

Throughout the project, RDA/EOSC Future grantees and project partners were vocal about their work and achievements. Some of these are featured in a series of Science|Business articles. Others were the focus of different types of events.

Domain Ambassadors at the 20th RDA Plenary

You can also find more insights in the EOSC Future blog series as well:

Connecting EOSC with the Global Research Commons

EOSC Future collaborated with the Global Open Research Commons (GORC) International Model RDA Working Group, at the time in the final stages of developing a roadmap for the global alignment of priorities around the coordination of setting up international science commons. This included collaboration with the broader GORC Interest Group providing a neutral arena for discussing Open Research Commons.

As a result of this collaboration, the EOSC Future technical team was invited to contribute to the GORC final review of its attribute model v0.6, released as a draft in July 2023. In September 2023, consultation workshops were held providing an opportunity for EOSC Future to comment on certain elements in the framework and to influence the model, transferring European EOSC technical components into practices on the international scene. 

The EOSC Future project also submitted a proposal for a ”Birds of a feather” (BoF) session during the Salzburg RDA Plenary in October 2023, with the goal to create an RDA Ambassadors group to further strengthen the sustainability of the community. 

Read more about ‘Galvanising The Commons – Building Global Bridges For Commons And Disciplines‘, the post-event article from P20 event.

Engaging new and underrepresented communities

During the project, 10 new underrepresented disciplinary communities were engaged with EOSC and the respective disciplinary webpages and/or disciplinary infosheets were made available on the RDA website targeted at underrepresented research communities, promoting participation in EOSC and encouraging community onboarding of resources.

Other materials developed by the EOSC Future project to engage communities:

This production is a part of the EOSC-Future project, co-funded by the European Union Horizon Programme under the INFRAEOSC-03-2020 call, Grant Agreement number 101017536. Our sincere appreciation goes to the European Union for their support in bringing this resource to the PaN community. Special thanks as well to the DAPHNE4NFDI project for their valuable contribution, providing one of the interviewees featured prominently in this video.

Read this report on Gaps in Open Science Support in Europe: Disciplinary Perspectives fom the EOSC Future Project or these summary cards prepared by EOSC Future.

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More information can be found on the RDA website