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Service providers can receive feedback on how research outputs from institutional repositories are viewed and downloaded. 

Accounting for Research Products is a component of EOSC Accounting and collects, process and publishes usage statistics for research products from EOSC Providers, using automated and standardised scientific methods.

Regarding research products: collects usage data from EOSC data sources and delivers standardised usage reports about research usage and uptake. 

Main features include:

The Accounting for Services, a component of EOSC Accounting, was responsible for collecting, aggregating and exchanging the Virtual Access and other types metrics between different infrastructures, service providers, and projects. Essentially, the main functions of the platform are expressed by a REST API:

Who is it for?

Accounting services apply to:

API resources must only be obtainable by authenticated clients. For this reason, every client who wants access to API resources should be authenticated.

Why – separate for products & services? 

The UsageCounts service provides metrics, by means of numbers of metadata views or item downloads, which could be used as another impact measure that could supplement other traditional impact metrics like citation counts. Moreover, they provide a tool tool to evaluate the success and the performance of the publication platform.