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30/05/2023 - 1/06/2023Turingzaal - Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam (The Netherlands) // Hybrid Event

SURF, in collaboration with its partner DICE, is organising a Datathon focused on the theme of “Privacy and Sensitive Data.” This event is part of a series of Hackathons aimed at familiarising researchers with the free DICE data management services. The Datathon aims to tackle the challenge of effectively handling privacy and sensitive data.

While the significance of research cannot be overstated, the current landscape of international research collaborations, often involving public-private partnerships, necessitates careful consideration of ethical and legal aspects. It is thus crucial to demonstrate that research projects are designed with responsibility in mind.
Typically, many questions cover topics such as:

  1. Sensitive Data, Health Data
  2. Data Minimisation and Pseudonimisation
  3. Risk assessment and Mitigating Measures / DPIA, METC, DTIA
  4. Partnering and Collaboration
  5. Retention Periods / FAIR data / Archiving legislation
  6. Transparency and Consent Forms
  7. Privacy and Ethics

The DICE Datathon, will allow participants to work on practical solutions addressing these and other topics. They are invited to bring in their own ‘hard cases’ and dilemmas and be advised on how to tackle them responsibly. 

The hackathon offers a chance to learn from the experts, but more importantly, learn by doing and learn from the use cases presented by the participants, and learn from working with the presented frameworks and tooling.

Participants will obtain hands-on experience on the management of their sensitive data with the facilities and workflows developed within the DICE project. Also planned are collaborative initiatives and guest presentations from other projects, offering a rich experience to Datathon participants on all aspects and challenges of sensitive data management. 

Who should join?

The event will benefit students and researchers handling privacy-sensitive data.


Tuesday 30th May

13:00Hybrid event start
13:15Housekeeping & intro
14:00 Sensitive data Basics Part 1 – Intro GDPR for Research Data Managent (RDM) 
14:45Coffee break
15:00Sensitive data Basics Part 2 – Intro GDPR for Research Data Managent (RDM)
16:30Coffee break
16:45Hands-on Sensitive data 

Wednesday 31st May

09:30Hands-on Sensitive data 
10:45Coffee break
11:00 Sensitive Data Services introduction 
11:30Introduction to “B2SHARE & Secure B2SHARE” 
13:30Introduction to “Laniakea intro & demo” 
15:00Coffee break 
15:15Hands-on on “Laniakea” 
16:00Amnesia tool 
17:00Wrap up of day 2

Thursday 1st June

09:30CSC- sensitive data & TSD, INFN CLoud introduction
10:00Demo TSD 
11:00Coffee break
11:30 Demo on “CSC- sensitive data” 
14:00Wrap-up and conclusions 
15:00Closing of the event  

A social dinner is included for in-person participants on Wednesday 31 May 2023.


Turingzaal – Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Visit this page to learn how to arrive at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica.

Travel grants are available to join the event. The deadline to apply for the travel grant is Friday 19 May 2023 Close of Business.

To learn more, please contact Claudia Behnke claudia.behnke[at]surf.nl. 

Registration deadline:

Friday 19 May 2023 Close of Business

Register here for on-site attendance, and here for remote participation.

More information on the DICE website.