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21/06/2023 - 14.00-17.30 CESTPoznań, Poland

From 16-23 June, international scientific communities, computing and service providers, European projects, security experts, community managers and policy makers will convene at the annual EGI conference.

In the context of EGI 2023, we will be jointly organising a session with 5 other Horizon 2020 projects: ‘Shaping services for EOSC: Experiences & Lessons learnt’.

Joint EOSC Future/INFRAEOSC-07 session on 21 June

Session date: Wednesday, 21 June

Room: Berlin

Session time: 14.00-17.30 CEST

Over the past 2.5 years, the EOSC Future project, along with C-SCALE, DICE, EGI-ACE, OpenAIRE Nexus, and Reliance, have been working together to enrich EOSC with new services and resources from different national, regional and institutional infrastructures across Europe. As the projects are approaching their final mile, it is time to gather to reflect on the enhanced EOSC-Exchange capabilities and their benefits to scientific communities.

This session is divided into 2 parts. First, we will hear presentations on the services developed in these projects, which might be especially interesting for other current or potential EOSC service providers. The latter part of the session focuses on real-life use cases of these services, which might be especially interesting for anyone interested in using EOSC services in the future.

Both sessions are open to any and all interested parties. But read on to get a sense of the tentative items on the agenda…


Moderator: Ilaria Fava, EGI

14.00-15.30 – New services in EOSC- Exchange

15.30-14.00 – Coffee Break

16.00-17.30 – Panel discussion on the use cases

Stay tuned for more information on the agenda & participation options

Learn more about the session and EGI 2023 here.

Online participation via Zoom will also be an option for this session. You will still have to register for the EGI 2023 event. Find out more on the registration page here.