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11/09/2023 - 13/09/2023Ohrid, North Macedonia

As part of its on-going commitment to raise uptake of EOSC – its services, data and software – the EOSC Future project is organising a major in-person workshop to train the scientific community about EOSC capabilities. With a focus on the Western Balkans and Ukraine, this event will build on the work undertaken through the NI4OS project, which ended in January 2023 and produced a comprehensive set of training materials.

This workshop will take place from 11-13 September 2023 in the resort town of Ohrid in North Macedonia, on the shores of Lake Ohrid. It will welcome 100 participants at the Metropol Hotel, where parallel sessions will cover different topics related to EOSC (e.g. from the core services being developed through the EOSC Future project to legal aspects, and much more). Experts from a wide cross section of the EOSC landscape, including the EOSC Future project itself, will provide the training.

We expect that this workshop will be of interest to a wide variety of stakeholders, but particularly researchers based in the Western Balkans and Ukraine, who want to harness the power of EOSC for their own work or share their work related to EOSC, whether that is data, services or software. Participants in research support or funding roles are also most welcome.

In all cases, the aim will be to equip participants with EOSC’s state-of-the-art ongoing development. If you are an individual from the Western Balkans or Ukraine and wish to learn more about the possibilities through EOSC, then this is an ideal opportunity for you!

Thematic focus

The full programme will be made available in the next month, but will cover the following topics and more:

Please note that the agenda is still being finalised and is subject to change, so check back here soon for more details!

Draft Agenda

Opening plenary
Coffee break
Plenary Vision for EOSC from the EOSC Assoc.
Welcome reception

End usersProvidersFacilitators andTrainers
Rules, legal and ethical aspectsOn-boarding services and data – technical aspectEOSC Training resources for trainers
Coffee break
EOSC for different communitiesDocumentation, KERsBest practices and methodology
Lunch break
Plenary Information on current EOSC related activities in the region (dissemination activities by other active EOSC projects such as Skills4EOSC).
What are EOSC Core services and how to use them/ EOSC PortalEOSC ChampionsRules, legal and ethical aspects
Coffee Break
On-boarding services and data – technical aspectsRules, legal and ethical aspectsWhat are EOSC Core services and how to use them/ EOSC Portal
Workshop Meal (19:00?)
End usersProvidersFacilitators and Trainers
Structured free time to address questions from previous sessionsStructured free time to address questions from previous sessionsStructured free time to address questions from previous sessions
Coffee break
Closing plenary

Selection criteria

Note: All sessions will be delivered in English. Accommodation will be covered by the EOSC Future project for selected participants (selected participants will also be able to have travel costs reimbursed).

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