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8/09/2023 - 8/09/2023 - 10:00 - 12:00 CESTOnline

In order for a service – or any resource – to be successfully and correctly used, clear and comprehensive usage instructions are absolutely essential.

While those familiar with your organisation may only need a brief introduction to (new) features, potential new users will require much more detail – for example descriptions of how to interact with interfaces for both humans and machines, as well as examples of functionalities. 

In some cases the format of choice for the instructional materials will be documents with text and images, but other situations may require multimedia like video or animations. Common to both, is a need for developers and communicators to work together to produce materials that work well for both advanced users and those new to the service!

In this workshop, we will be diving into the following topics:

● Different types of tutorials
● Planning and design
● Writing style and practical tips for content creation
● Tools for creating online tutorials

So bring your own service use case along, and join what we hope will be an interactive and productive description writing session!


10:00-10:05Welcome & “housekeeping”
10:05-10:15Service documentation: what, why & how – Maggie Hellström
10:15-10:45Introduction to tutorials & usage instructions
11:00-11:35Breakout exercise: what do your end users need to know in order to use your services?
11:35-11:55Discussion of the exercise outcomes
11:55-12:00Next steps & wrap-up


Main instructor: Helen Clare, GÉANT/Jisc

Co-instructor and moderator: Maggie Hellström, University of Lund and ICOS Carbon Portal


Zoom registrationDeadline: September 7, Close of Business