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4/05/2022Strasbourg, FranceRegister now

EOSC Future, together with EOSC Pillar, EOSC Nordic, ExPaNDS , NI4OS, EOSC Synergy and FAIRsFAIR, is organising a workshop on ‘National policies relevant to EOSC deployment – Status, gaps, and steps towards harmonisation’.

The workshop will take place in person, in Strasbourg, France, on 4 May, following a policy event on 3 May, organised by EOSC Future in collaboration with the European Commission, the EOSC Association, the EOSC Steering Board, and the University of Strasbourg. Both events will offer insights on the potential impact of EOSC on national and European policies.

An exploration of project findings

During the workshop, regional EOSC projects will present key updates on a variety of topics. The exact programme and speakers will be announced shortly. In the meantime, you can consult the following overarching themes and sessions:

Open Science/EOSC national policies

A session will focus on developing a better understanding of the different country-based policies/approaches to open science, along with recommendations and steps to support a successful EOSC implementation and uptake.

Funding policies

A session will present successful business models and viable funding schemes at the institutional, national, or regional and international levels. It will address the shortage of coherent and stable funding policies, discuss differences and gaps as well as suggest recommendations for better alignment of funding policies nationally and internationally.

Access provisioning policies

A session will consider EuroHPC and cross-border resources provisioning, cross-border collaboration, and transnational access. Access will also be considered in terms of sustainability, from the user point of view and the availability of skills and capacity building. Presentations will look at the applicable scope (national/cross-border) and the profile of service policies (how, where they are provided, to which users, and under which conditions) for access.