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EOSC Core and Support provides a set of internal services and support activities, which allow EOSC to operate and provide the ability to seamlessly share, access and combine a multitude of research services and resources. It increases the re-use of research outputs, supports Open Science principles, maximises the value of research investment, facilitates multidisciplinarity and widens the user base of research.

EOSC Core and Support provides a common channel for researchers, removes fragmentation and enables cross-disciplinary collaboration across disparate research communities, allowing researchers to use resources from different communities to produce ground-breaking new research results.

EOSC Core and Support constitutes:

  • a core technical platform with components such as AAI, Accounting, Monitoring, Helpdesk, Configuration Management System, Marketplace, Resource Catalogue
  • a set of non-technical functions such as Rules of Participation, Onboarding, Order Management, Security Coordination, Open Science Support.

From a user perspective, EOSC Core and Support capabilities foster access to resources and services in a homogeneous and streamlined manner, enabling users to compose and implement complex workflows.


  • research infrastructures
  • science clusters
  • e-Infrastructure providers
  • service providers


EOSC Future was able to take various standalone components, such as Monitoring, Accounting, the Helpdesk, and integrated them into a functional platform. The project also defined the EOSC Core and Support capabilities as well as the criteria for including resources via the EOSC Exchange.  

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

  • Users can log in to a huge range of research resources with the same credentials (via EOSC AAI Federation)
  • Users can discover and find resources across communities (via the EOSC Marketplace)
  • Coherent support channels (e.g., helpdesk, training, consulting) will help providers connect resources to EOSC and to connect users with experts
  • Users can access statistical information on the availability, usage and open science metrics of resources and activities in EOSC



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