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The EOSC-Core provides a set of internal services which allow EOSC to operate and enable the different scientific communities to find resources for research and make their content available to other communities at a central location. The EOSC-Core includes

  • a core technical platform with components like AAI, Accounting, Monitoring, Helpdesk, Configuration Management System, Marketplace, Resource Catalogue, etc.
  • a set of non-technical functions like Rules of Participation, Onboarding, Order Management, Security Coordination, Procurement, etc.

Through the provisioning of multiple capabilities, the EOSC-Core will make it easier for service providers to integrate and interoperate their services with the EOSC. This execution and the implementation of the EOSC-Core will improve the user experience of the researchers and scientific communities. It will allow them to access resources and services in a homogeneous and streamlined manner, enabling them to compose and implement complex workflows.

Target user groups

  • Service Providers including Research Infrastructures and Science Clusters, and e-Infrastructure providers

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

Operationalisation of EOSC-Core, resulting in functionalities including:

  • Users can log in to a huge range of research resources with the same credentials (via EOSC AAI Federation)
  • Users can discover and find resources across communities (via EOSC Marketplace)
  • Coherent support channels (e.g., Helpdesk, Training, Consultancy) to support providers to connect resources to EOSC and to connect users with experts
  • Statistical information on the availability, usage and open science metrics of resources and activities in EOSC.

11 EOSC-Core software products available in the EOSC repository and 11 EOSC-Core services connected with the EOSC-Core AAI proxy and in production by M30.

40 providers integrated with the new EOSC Security framework by M30.