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The EOSC Future Community KER captures the value generated during the course of the EOSC Future project by the collaboration and community-building aspects of the wide variety of technical developments, consultations, forums and other project events and activities which, taken together, form the EOSC Future Community. The KER identifies and documents the community-forming aspects of the activities, recording the value created and making it available for future use by other projects, organisations or initiatives. The EOSC Future Community KER is focussed on the importance of community formation for the development of the EOSC. It also highlights the value generated by collaborations taking place within the project.

Target user groups

  • EOSC Future-related projects
  • EOSC Association

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

EOSC Future User Group with 300+ researchers participating.RDA Calls, with a.o. 38 RDA open call grants awarded.

10 online consultations launched by M30.
More than 500 stakeholders involved in input gathering exercises.
50 International Open Science members engaged.
10 new scientific communities engaged in EOSC by M30.