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Seamlessly integrated with the EOSC Portal, the EOSC Knowledge Hub (KH) is a platform that delivers a highly curated learning resources catalogue and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS).  

The catalogue focuses on free (as well as paid-for, where applicable) training content pertinent to EOSC, its services and related FAIR and Open Science concepts. By bringing together disparate sources of information, the KH acts as a centralised learning hub for all things EOSC.  

The LMS is based on Moodle (for content delivery) and Articulate (for authoring). Through the creation of modularised CC-BY licensed training resources and promotion of reuse of those resources, the KH delivers tailored content to its users. 

Target groups

  • researchers
  • service providers
  • intermediaries – i.e. policymakers, funders, librarians, IT depts, data stewards, etc.
  • trainers
  • EOSC Future project members

State of play

The EOSC Future project has decided to use an off-the-shelf Learning platform instead of developing one from scratch.

As of December 23, the EOSC Future project has integrated:

  • 24 training catalogue resources
  • 17 original learning modules

For the longer term,

  • an analysis (goals, requirement, suggested content) of the target user groups of the KH has been completed
  • an EOSC Training Catalogue and Learning Platform specification document has been created
  • a metadata model for the Training Catalogue has been developed.

The Training Catalogue has been developed and incorporated within the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace, and the Learning Platform is now publicly available (see ‘Relevant links’ section below).

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

The KH will ensure the delivery of tailored content to EOSC users. By the end of the project,

  • 200 training providers registered in the EOSC catalogue
  • 600 trainers on the KH


The KH is truly a community resource. Its lasting impact on the KH provides a centralised, sustainable resource for all things training related for EOSC, using a standardised metadata set that allows FAIR principles of training resources to be fulfilled.


Relevant links