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Seamlessly integrated with the EOSC Portal, the EOSC Knowledge Hub (KH) is a platform that delivers a highly curated training resources catalogue and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) based on Moodle (for content delivery) and Articulate (for authoring). The catalogue focuses on free (as well as paid-for, where applicable) training content pertinent to EOSC, its services and related FAIR and Open Science concepts. By bringing together disparate sources of information, the KH acts as a centralised hub for training related to all things EOSC.

Through the creation of modularised CC-BY licensed training resources and promotion of reuse of those resources, the KH delivers tailored content to its users.

Target user groups

  • Researchers
  • Providers
  • Intermediaries – i.e. policymakers, funders, librarians, IT depts, data stewards, etc
  • Trainers
  • EOSC Future Project

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

Delivery of tailored content to users:

  • 200 training providers registered in EOSC catalogue by M30
  • 600 trainers on EOSC Knowledge Hub by M30

To provide a centralised, sustainable resource for all things training related for EOSC using a standardised metadata set that allows FAIR principles of training resources to be fulfilled. This will be a resource by the community and for the community.