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The EOSC Observatory is a policy intelligence tool for monitoring policies, investments, resources and infrastructures related to EOSC. It consists of a public interactive dashboard for the collection and presentation of data on the implementation and uptake of EOSC at European and National levels. The tool visualises information such as the number and type of research outcomes in open access, the amount of money spent on Open Science (OS), and the policies in place to implement and support OS.

Aimed at policy makers and research managers, the Observatory is linked to existing OS uptake monitoring platforms and EOSC-related portals and  the community implementing EOSC at the national level. Through this strategic alignment and streamlining, the Observatory encourages sharing the state of play of OS in Europe and promotes the implementation, uptake and support of OS policies, enabling the countries and the EOSC Partnership to achieve their objectives.

Target user groups

  • Member States
  • Policy Makers
  • Research managers EOSC-relevant entities, e.g. National nodes for Open Science, and Research Infrastructures

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

Supports the EOSC community in tracking the overall implementation of EOSC/Open Science across Europe. Also supports the Member States/Associated Countries and the EOSC Partnership in their monitoring of the implementation and uptake of EOSC/Open Science at national level. Further supports policy makers in tracking relevant policies, practices, and funding for EOSC/Open Science.