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The EOSC Future Science Projects implement interdisciplinary use cases which use EOSC resources and tools to improve cross-disciplinary research and collaboration. They break down the barriers between research communities, they invest in the ”trading zones” between the Science Clusters and show how EOSC can be used to create knowledge from interworking between communities. There are ten Science Projects in total. They compile virtual research environments for the development and modification of workflows which have been developed in individual scientific communities and offer them to other users, and also test the FAIRness of an implementation. The Science Project results will be discipline- and domain-agnostic and can be used by anyone, demonstrating the value of EOSC for the future of research based on big data and open science.  The marketplace of services they establish contributes to attracting private sector and industry users to EOSC.

Target user groups

  • Scientific communities
  • EOSC-related entities
  • Stakeholders involved with relevant policy making and policy implementation
  • Private sector/industry Citizen scientists

Key benefits/impact for EOSC

  • Support excellent science and research, demonstrating the potential of cross-disciplinary research through 10 use cases.
  • More than 30 scientific documents published as outcomes of TSPs by M30.