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Dr. Natalie Harrower is Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, a Core Trust Seal certified national infrastructure  for Ireland’s arts, social sciences and humanities data. An active member of the European Commission’s FAIR data expert group, which recently published “Turning FAIR into Reality” at the EOSC launch, Dr. Harrower was also a member of the recent OECD Global Science Forum High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Business Models for Data Repositories. With strong connections across the repositories, HSS data and GLAM sectors, Dr. Harrower chairs the ALLEA (All European Academies) E-Humanities Working Group, which is currently running an open consultation on FAIR data in the Humanities. She has served on programme committees across the data, archiving and preservation sectors (Open Repositories 2016, PASIG2017, iPres2019, IDCC2020), and is a longstanding contributor to the Research Data Alliance, particularly as a partner in the RDA EU 3.0 and 4.0 projects. In Ireland, Dr. Harrower is a member of national groups that are addressing digital data sharing from different perspectives, including the National Archives Advisory Council, the Irish National Open Research Forum, DARIAH Ireland, the E-RIHS ERIC advisory group, and the Film Heritage Advisory Board. In 2016, Dr. Harrower successfully secured long term funding for the Digital Repository of Ireland from the Irish government, transitioning a grant-funded project into a permanent national repository and research institute.