EOSC Future

Through co-design with scientists and stakeholders, EOSC Future will establish a trusted platform with open and FAIR data, resources and services for all scientific disciplines. The platform will also seamlessly integrate existing data and services from science communities, research infrastructures and e-infrastructures. Via a single sign-on system, European researchers will thus have access to interoperable resources and support to manage the full lifecycle of their data.

EOSC Future will provide a user-friendly environment for:

The platform will support diverse scientific workflows with services that facilitate such workflows and that help users discover, manage, process and analyse data.
This way, EOSC Future wants to help make EU research:

How will we create this online research data platform?

EOSC Future is structured around six thematic pillars:


  • Phase I

    Researchers can access a rich set of EOSC resources via the EOSC Portal, including some regional and thematic ones. They can also use a rich and diverse set of services, such as requesting resources through the INFRAEOSC-07 projects.

  • Phase II

    Researchers can request access to centrally funded resources from multiple locations as the project improves its integration functions and enables sharing between portals.

  • Phase III

    Researchers can access a full spectrum of the available resources, from several funding streams and commercial sources. They can search data based on their recomposability and discover new resources through smart, personalised recommendations. Users have access to services that support the full lifecycle of data processing, storage, and analysis, including a growing number of end-to-end workflows.

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