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18/11/2021 - 14.00 CET

In recent months, EOSC Future and EOSC Enhance have reached out to the wider research community, through user surveys and information resources, in an effort to develop the user experience on the EOSC Portal.

This was the focus of our webinar on 18 November: ‘Reaching out to EOSC Portal users’. During this webinar, we heard more about the development of the EOSC user experience, the role of research communities and the next steps for user uptake. Participants also had a chance to provide feedback on the results of the EOSC user personas survey and shared their views on the EOSC Catalogue and Marketplace from a user perspective.


14.00 – Introduction (Federico Drago, EOSC Enhance)


14.05 – Introduction to EOSC Future (Ilaria Fava, EOSC Future)


14.10 –  The EOSC Marketplace (Bartosz Wilk, EOSC Enhance)


14.25 –  The user persona survey (Anca Hienola, EOSC Future)


14.40 –  Q&A and feedback (sli.do)

Take part in the discussion and help the EOSC ecosystem grow!