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Introducing EOSC Ice Breakers: A dynamic tool for trainers in Open Science 

November 27, 2023

Developed by the EOSC Future project, ‘EOSC Ice Breakers’ are a valuable resource for trainers keen on diving deeper into topics related to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Find out more about the discussion cards and how they can help you develop an Open Science learning path with your peers. 

Innovative and engaging, EOSC Ice Breakers include a deck of 30 discussion cards: 22 statement (Q&A) cards and 8 mythbusting cards. The statement cards are colour-coded depending on level of difficulty and topic: 


Unsure how to get started? A set of playing instructions comes with the EOSC discussion card deck. 

A card game based on Open Science principles 

In essence, these discussion cards are an Open Educational Resource, underlining accessibility and freedom of use. Released under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0 Universal) licence, anyone can tailor the game to their specific requirements and enhance their utility. 

Facilitating further customisation, the printable PDF file is complemented by editable design files compatible with Adobe InDesign. These design files include templates for blank cards, empowering users to craft additional cards or fine-tune existing ones, thereby amplifying the resource’s versatility and relevance to diverse audiences. 

Not just for EOSC newbies 

With its open-access approach and adaptable design, this resource aims to empower trainers and learners alike, fostering a deeper understanding of EOSC-related subjects and encouraging active participation in the discourse surrounding Open Science. 

They are for anyone seeking to engage, educate and explore the world of EOSC and Open Science. 

Check out the EOSC Ice Breakers and playing guidelines here.