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A truly Open and FAIR European data space for science, research and innovation could not exist without a robust technical architecture and engaged community. Discover the EOSC Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (EOSC AAI Federation), the EOSC Interoperability Framework and other technical features developed through the EOSC Future project, along with the EOSC Observatory, the EOSC Knowledge Hub and other intelligence tools, hubs and methodologies for monitoring and training different actors to engage in Open Science at national, regional and local levels. You can also discover the diverse array of research communities involved in piloting and refining the EOSC ecosystem.

Explore the digital tools and solutions contributing to the future of research as we know it...in Europe and around the world!


The EOSC Platform

Throughout the EOSC Future project, technical teams have worked together to develop the core architecture of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

Discover the EOSC Platform, where users and service providers can engage in the cross-discovery of publications, data, software, grey literature and other research, services and training resources.

EOSC Future Science Projects: 10 demonstrations of how EOSC can support science