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Discover the EOSC Future project results.

A truly Open and FAIR European data space for science, research and innovation could not exist without a robust technical architecture and engaged community. The EOSC Future project developed and tested a variety of technical features (i.e. AAI, Interoperability Framework), along with launching the EOSC Observatory, the EOSC Knowledge Hub and other intelligence tools, hubs and methodologies for monitoring and training different actors to engage in Open Science at national, regional and local levels. You can also discover the diverse array of research communities involved in piloting and refining the EOSC ecosystem.

EOSC Future Platform

Between 2021 and 2023, the EOSC Future project's technical teams developed and tested out an interoperable, integrated framework for an operational EOSC Core. Discover the different components of the EOSC Future platform.

EOSC Future Science Projects:

10 demonstrations of how EOSC can support science

Knowledge & training exchange

The EOSC Knowledge Hub is your source of EOSC-related learning and training resources. Thanks to its learning management system (Moodle) and training catalogue, you will be able to design your learning path whether you are a researcher, research support organisation, service provider or a trainer involved in Open Science and FAIR principles. The EOSC Knowledge Hub aims to create a unique place with all the training material created by researchers and experts for the wider EOSC community. Providing relevant information to end-users and smooth onboarding process for training providers, it is the perfect platform to get familiar with EOSC!


Community engagement

Researchers, service providers and many more

EOSC Future primarily focused on engaging researchers, who serve as the primary users of the EOSC Platform. However, it also extended its outreach to encompass EOSC resource providers and all stakeholders invested in the EOSC ecosystem. This approach ensured that the solutions developed were closely aligned with researchers’ needs, thus facilitating efficient and high-quality research production. Thanks to the experts’ engagement in showcasing the tools and services offered, all the stakeholders were able to benefit from the resources provided.

EOSC Future aimed to support the EOSC Partnership in its widespread promotion of EOSC. By doing so, it aimed to contribute to the broader recognition and adoption of EOSC on a larger scale.  

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