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EOSC Symposium 23: Call for Unconference Sessions

June 28, 2023

This year’s symposium promises a packed agenda, with plenaries and breakout sessions spanning the latest technical evolution of EOSC, monitoring and engaging with EOSC at the country level, the European Data Landscape, and much more.

Alongside the highly anticipated event programme, we are excited to introduce an opportunity to actively participate and shape the conversation: EOSC Unconference sessions!  

Propose an unconference session where you can present and share your thoughts on topics that deserve attention within the EOSC community.

Read on for more details on unconference sessions and how to submit your proposal!

Format and Conditions

An unconference session topic can be open, covering issues that are important to you but are not already included in the core agenda. These can take the form of a panel, lightning talk or workshop, showcasing your research interests and sparking engaging discussions.

To apply, you must:

  • be registered to participate in person at EOSC Symposium 2023 in Madrid
  • prepare an outline of your topic, explaining its relevance to the EOSC’s goals
  • a 1-minute pitch on why it should be selected for the unconference.

Remember: Be sure to prepare a topic not directly covered in the main programme!

We’ve made a selection – 8 unconference sessions have been added to the symposium programme! Find out more here!

Applications are now closed! Thank you for your submissions, and stay tuned for the results!